Figurative Art

This is a selection of my Figurative art.

My works are a form of Zen Meditation / Zentangle using the circle in a repetitive manner as a means of shading, providing form and tone to the piece.

My work uses an abstract form and inspiration from Zentangle using colour. I am using a totally random abstract form using acrylics, pen and inks or oils as my medium. This exploration of Zentangle art allows me to explore from within and disappear into my work.

My figurative works are literal and abstract. They concern dissimulation, and how true feelings can be hidden behind a mask. The masks hide any form of identity. Who is behind the mask? The masks enable the wearer to act more freely. I can relate the concept of the masks to everyday life, as everyone wears a mask of some description to hide their feelings and emotions. They wear a mask in a professional capacity or to interact with different people and family.

My work deals with the spirituality of both the artist and the subject, containing both a calming influence and emotive feeling through the atmospheric nature of the subject.


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